Pärt - Songs from Childhood - children's choir




"Lieder aus der Kindheit / Songs from Childhood", a selection of Arvo Pärt's music for children from the period 1956-70, when he was involved with several children's studios / theatres as accompanist & composer. Most of this music came about by way of improvisation in rehearsals & was later completed and put on paper: they retain all the spontaneity & playful spirit in which they were created. Includes a CD providing recordings of the songs with new colourful instrumental accompaniments in the original Estonian language: these new accompaniments, which are also included as backing tracks on the CD, were arranged by the composer Tauno Aints in collaboration with Arvo Pärt. UE, 2015. Unison, SA & SSA + piano accompaniment. Lyrics in English & German, with original Estonian lyrics as an appendix.

Ich bin schon groß / I Am Already Big - unison

Lied des Marienkäfers / Ladybird's Song - SA

Die Frösche / Frogs - SA

Lieber Weihnachtsmann, wo bleibst du? / Oh Where Are You Father Christmas? - SA

Der Weihnachtsmann / Santa Claus - SA

Was braust er schön / Let the Snow Swish - SSA

Lied des Glühwürmchens / Firefly's Song - unison

Die Puppe hat keinen Namen / The Doll Has No Name - SA

Mamas Kuss / Mommy's Kiss (piano solo)

Liebes Büchlein / The Book - SA

Der Schulweg / Road to School - SSA

Dornröschen / Sleeping Beauty - unison

Der kleine Motorroller / The Little Motor-Scooter - SA

Lied des Atömchens / The Song of Atom-Boy - SA

Sommerwalzer / Summer Waltz - SSA