Baroque Flute Pieces Book 4




A five-volume graded anthology, introducing flute music of the early-mid 18th century, realised for flute + piano accompaniment by Richard Jones: a separate original continuo part (bass clef) is also provided. Book 4: Grade 5-7 standard. ABRSM, 1995.

Bach, C.P.E. - Allegro [Sonata in D H.561]

Bach, J.S. - Andante [Sonata in E minor BWV 1034]

Blavet - Allegro [Sonata in D minor op.2 no.2, ‘La Vibray’]

Handel - Larghetto & Andante [Sonata in E minor HWV 397]

Hotteterre - Sarabande ‘La Fidelle’ [Pieces pour la Flute traversiere op.2]

Leclair - Allemanda [Sonata in E minor op.9 no.2]

Monteclair - La Melancolique & Chaconne [Quatrieme Concert pour la Flute Traversiere]

Stanley - Poco allegro [Solo in B minor op.4 no.4]

Telemann - Adagio & Vivace [Sonata in G minor op.13 no.1]