Grainger - Favourites - CD




The music of Percy Grainger performed by Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra (& Wind Ensemble in "Lincolnshire Posy") directed by Frederick Fennell, recorded for Mercury 1958-9, plus 2 bonus tracks performed by the Aarhus Orchestra conducted by Per Dreier with the composer as piano soloist, recorded in 1957. Alto reissue, 2020.

Grainger - Country Gardens

Shepherd's Hey

Colonial Song

Children's March, 'Over the Hills and Far Away'

The Immovable Do (The Cyphering C)

Mock Morris

Handel in the Strand

Irish Tune from County Derry (Danny Boy)

Spoon River

My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone

Molly on the Shore

Hill-Song No. 2

Lincolnshire Posy: Lisbon, Horkstow Grange, Rufford Park Poachers, The Brisk Young Sailor, Lord Melbourne & The Lost Lady Found

Bonus tracks:

Lord Peter's Stable-Boy

Jutish Medley