Jenkins, Karl - Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi - CD




"Cantata Mundi" is a development of ideas first heard in Karl Jenkins' "Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary", where the world of ethnic influences (both in vocal sound and percussion) are combined with established Western European classical technique to present a unified work. Originally released in 1996 by Virgin, reissued by Decca in 2019 to celebrate Karl Jenkins' 75th birthday. Adiemus Singers & LPO conducted by the composer.

Cantus "Song of Tears"

Chorale "Za ma ba"

Cantus "Song of the Spirit"

Chorale "Roosh Ka Ma"

Cantus "Song of the Trinity"

Chorale "Vocalise"

Cantus "Song of the Odyssey"

Chorale "Alame Oo Ya"

Cantus "Song of the Plains"

Chorale "Arama Ivi"

Cantus "Song of Invocation"

Chorale "Sol-Fa"

Cantus "Song of Aelous"

Chorale "A ma ka ma"