Romberg - The Desert Song (highlights), etc - CD




EMI recordings from 1959-60, reissued by Classics for Pleasure in 2005. NB now out of print, last physical copy.

Romberg - The Desert Song (highlights)

Overture (orchestra)

The Riff Song (Over the ground)

French Military Marching Song (Did you call for soldiers true?)


I want a kiss

It (There was a time)

The Desert Song (My desert is waiting)

Song of the Brass Key

One good boy gone wrong (Bold woman, please unhand me)

Eastern and Western Love: Let love go (Let love come as some rare treasure), One flower grows alone in your garden & One alone

The Sabre Song (Why, I can take his sword here)

Finale (Ho! So we sing as we are riding)

June Bronhill (soprano), Edmund Hockridge (lead vocals), Julie Dawn (lead vocals), Bruce Forsyth (lead vocals), Inia Te Wiata (bass) & Leonard Weir (lead vocals) with The Rita Williams Singers & Michael Collins & His Orchestra, recorded 5/1/1958 - 13/9/1959, No. 1 Studio, Abbey Road, London

Romberg – The New Moon (highlights)

Softly as in a morning sunrise

One Kiss

Wanting you (My heart is aching for someone)

Lover come back to me (You went away, I let you)

Finale (Dreams are vain)

Elizabeth Larner (soprano) & Andy Cole with The Rita Williams Singers + Tony Osborne & His Orchestra, recorded: 13/10/1957, No. 1 Studio, Abbey Road, London

Friml – The Firefly (highlights)

Love is like a firefly (What is love?)

Giannina mia (In my gondola, love, let us glide)

Sympathy (Has someone been such a naughty boy?)

When a maid comes knocking (If you know a maiden)

The Donkey Serenade (There's a song in the air)

Stephanie Voss & Laurie Payne with The Linden Singers & New World Show Orchestra directed by Alan Braden, recorded 2/11/1961, No. 1 Studio, Abbey Road, London