Music from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book - 2 CDs




Joseph Payne (harpsichord & virginal). Vox, 2015.

A selection from the 297 pieces which make up the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book: Byrd, Bull and Farnaby, the three most voluminous contributors to the collection, are well represented.

Anon. – Alman; Barafostus' dream; Can shee excuse; Coranto; Muscadin; Watkins Ale; Why aske you

Bull, John - In Nomine; The Duchess of Brunswick's toye; The Duke of Brunswick's alman

Byrd - A Gigg; Alman; Carman's Whistle, The; Fantasia; La Volta; Miserere; Monsieurs Alman; Pavana and Galiarda; Pavan; Wolsey's Wilde

Farnaby, Giles - A Toye; Bonny Sweete Robin; Fantasia; Farnaby's conceit; Giles Farnaby's dream; His Rest; Loth to depart; Tower Hill

Farnaby, Richard - Fayne would I wedd

Gibbons – Pavan

Johnson, Robert – 3 Almans

Munday, John - Goe from my window; Munday's joy

Peerson, Martin - Fall of the Leafe, The

Philips, Peter - Pavana Dolorosa; Pavan