Rossini - Soirées musicales - CD




Rossini, having composed 40 operas between the ages of 19 and 37, wrote no more in the last 40 years of his life. However these years were not barren of music: his Soirées Musicales and Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of old age) were written for weekly salon evenings at his Parisian home. Elegant, witty, charming & often delicately ironic, these songs are the perfect exemplar of ‘salon music’, and of the unmistakable late style of a legendary composer. They are recorded here by 3 great singers: Stella Doufexis, who has appeared regularly in the Hyperion songs editions recordings; the wonderful Swedish soprano Miah Persson; and the American tenor & Rossini specialist Bruce Ford, all accompanied with characteristic brilliance & style by Roger Vignoles. Hyperion, 2008.

Soirées musicales:

La promessa - Miah Persson

Il rimprovero (Mi lagnerò tacendo) - Stella Doufexis

L'orgia - Bruce Ford

La partenza - Bruce Ford

L'invito - Stella Doufexis

La pastorella dell'Alpi - Miah Persson

La danza - Bruce Ford

La gita in gondola - Bruce Ford

La pesca - Miah Persson & Stella Doufexis

La serenata - Miah Persson & Bruce Ford

La regata veneziana - Miah Persson & Stella Doufexis

L'esule - Bruce Ford

Mi lagnerò tacendo - Stella Doufexis

La chanson du bébé - Miah Persson

L'orpheline du Tyrol (Ballade élégie) - Stella Doufexis

Adieux à la vie! (Élégie sur une seule note) - Miah Persson

Les amants de Séville (Tirana pour deux voix) - Stella Doufexis & Bruce Ford

La regata veneziana (Tre canzonette): Anzoleta avanti la regatta; Anzoleta co passa la regatta; & Anzoleta dopo la regatta - Stella Doufexis