European Light Music Classics - CD




One of Ronald Corp and the New London Orchestra’s most beloved albums: 15 gems of the light music repertoire from across Europe. Helios reissue, 2014: originally issued as Hyperion CDA66998,1997. 'Played with panache and affection, the imaginative Mr Corp has notched up another success’ (Classic FM)

Jessel - Parade der Zinnsoldaten (Parade of the Tin Soldiers)

Lehár - Gold und Silber Walzer (Gold & Silver Waltz) op.79

Pierné - Marche des petits soldats de plomb (March of the Little Lead Soldiers) [Album pour mes petits amis]

Strauss, J II - Tritsch-Tratsch Polka op.214

Lincke - Glühwürmchen-Idyll (Glow Worm Idyll) [Lysistrata]

Alfvén - Swedish Polka

Gounod - Marche funèbre d'une marionnette (Funeral March of a Marionette)

Waldteufel - Les Patineurs: Valse (Skaters’ Waltz) op.183

Heykens - Ständchen (Serenade)

Padilla - El relicario

Becucci - Tesoro mio! (My Treasure)

Hellmesberger - Ball Scene

Weinberger - Polka [Schwanda the Bagpiper]

Fetras - Mondnacht auf der Alster

Halvorsen - Bojarernes Indtogsmarsj (Entry of the Boyars)