Wizard's Potion - violin - Limsden




16 spooky pieces for violin + piano accompaniment + CD by Caroline Lumsden. Peters, 2003. Set for Trinity Examination 2020-23 Violin Grade 2 (Grab the Slippery Toad! or Search for the Magical, Mystery Maze)

Compose a Potion

Dizzy Lizzy Lightweight

Doom & Gloom

Flash of Lightning

Flickering Shadows

Grab the slippery toad!

Hocus Pocus, Here's the Plan

Jumpy Slimy Toad

Melted Mouse & Roasted Rat in choc'late sauce

Poor old battered broomstick

Search for the Magical, Mystery Maze

Spitter Spatter

Strike it lucky

Taste the Tangy Brew

Text a message

Wizard's Potion

Wizards United