Nightingale - Lucky Dip for alto saxophone + piano




Mark Nightingale's 14 pieces for Eb (Alto / Baritone) Saxophone + piano accompaniment in various styles. Warwick, 2005. Set for Trinity Examinations 2017-22 Alto / Baritone Jazz Saxophone Grade 2 (Group A: Witch's Cauldron, The) & Grade 5 (Group A: From Ragtime to Riches)

Bound to Gallop

Bruiser Joe

From Drainpipes to Flares

From Ragtime to Riches

Googlie Boogie, The

I Woke Up this Mornin'...

Inspired Guess, The

One Two Three Push!

Rippling of the Waves, The

Samba Disa Winner

Sneak and Scare

Three-Legged Horse, The

Viennese Dwarf, The

Witch's Cauldron, The