Final Whistle - 12 Set Pieces for Saxophone and Piano - ed. Gumbley, Chris




Pitched at apprentice to more experienced level, covering a wide range of up-to-date formations, including jazz, rock and Latin, this football-inspired selection will soon have the crowd chanting your name! For saxophone (choice of alto - Eb - or tenor - Bb - versions) + piano accompaniment. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Saxophone Grade 2 (List B: Waltzing to Wembley), Grade 3 (List B: Goalmouth Scramble), Grade 4 (List B: Final Whistle!) & Grade 5 (List B: Extra Time)

5-4-1 - Gumbley, Chris

Action Replay - Gumbley, Chris

Beautiful Game, The - Rae, James

Extra Time - Gumbley, Chris

Final Whistle! - Bullard, Alan

Goalmouth Scramble - Gumbley, Chris

Kick Off! - Bullard, Alan

Man of the Match - Rae, James

Mexican Wave - Bullard, Alan

On the Ball - Rae, James

Red Card - Rae, James

Waltzing to Wembley - Bullard, Alan

Tags: Saxophone Grade 3; Saxophone Grade 4; Saxophone Grade 5