Finzi - Young Man's Exhortation, A - tenor + piano




10 Songs on texts by Thomas Hardy for tenor and piano accompaniment - Gerald Finzi, op.14. Winthrop Rogers Edition for B&H. Set for FRSM (all voices: Budmouth Dears or Dance Continued, The or Former Beauties)

Budmouth Dears: F# minor (c#'-a")

Comet at Yell'ham, The: C (d'-g")

Dance Continued, The (Regret Not Me): F (c'-g")

Ditty: G (d'-g")

Former Beauties: E minor (d'-a")

Her Temple: Eb (d'-ab")

Shortening Days: F (d'-a")

Sigh, The: G (d'-g")

Transformations: G (d'-a")

Young Man's Exhortation, A: Ab (c'-a")