Roe, Betty - Songs from the Betty Roe Shows Vol. 1




Solo character songs by Betty Roe from her musicals & entertainments, ideal for festivals, school concerts & auditions. This is the first volume of the series, suitable for children 10 years and younger. Voice + piano accompaniment, English lyrics only. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List C: 'Orrible Little Blue-Eyes) & Trinity Examinations 2018-22 Singing Initial (Yesterday's News) & Grade 1 (Group A: ‘Orrible Little Blue Eyes)

Baby Dragons [Trouble with Spells is, The]: C (c'-c")

Heigh-ho [King's Emerald, The]: C (c'-d")

I'm Ivan, Hans or Jack [Trouble with Spells is, The]: G (d'-d")

Junk Jewels [Pardon our Rubbish]: F (c'-e")

Kookoojoo and the Trees [Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest]: A minor (eb'-e")

'Orrible Little Blue Eyes [Barnstormers, The]: G (d'-e")

Please, Mr Organ-Man [Barnstormers, The]: C (d'-eb")

Priceless Me [Pardon our Rubbish]: C (d'-eb")

Pwitty Pwitty Me [Trouble with Spells is, The]: G (d'-d")

Sergeant Major Lampost's Song [Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest]: F (c'-eb")

Squire Squeeze [Barnstormers, The]: D minor (c'-e")

Strong Man's Medicine [Barnstormers, The]: D minor (a-d")

Trees' Song [Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest]: C minor (c'-e")

Umbrellas [Pardon our Rubbish]: G (d'-d")

Yesterday's News [Pardon our Rubbish]: B minor (b-b')