Double Click! for solo clarinet



9790900222152 / GP205

A collaboration between 3 leading contemporary composers - Chris Gumbley, James Rae & Karen Street - these 30 "byte-sized pieces" progress from Grade 1 level up to around Grade 5, covering various jazz rock & dance idioms for unaccompanied clarinet. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Clarinet Grade 1 (List C: Street - Easy P.C.), Grade 2 (List C: Street - Backspace Odyssey), Grade 3 (List C: Street - Yes, App-arently), Grade 4 (List C: Rae - Save as...or Polka Dotcom) & Grade 5 (List C: Gumbley - Just Browsing)

Gumbley - Bounce Back; Clever Cookie; Double Click!; Drop Down Gorgeous; Flashcard Funk; HIP Address; Hot Swap; Icon See Clearly Now; Just Browsing; Logging On; Mouse Drop-In; Off & Back On; Press Return to Sender; RAM Raider; Router 66; Shift Key Shuffle; Spam & Eggs; Streaming Hot!

Rae - Hard Drive; Polka Dotcom; Pop Up!; Save As...

Street - Backspace Odyssey; Bluestooth; Domain Reason; Easy P.C.; Ellie & Elsie Dee; Phish & Chips; Standby for Action!; Yes, App-arently

Tags: Clarinet Grade 2; Clarinet Grade 3; Clarinet Grade 4; Clarinet Grade 5