Solo Book for Treble Recorder: 175 solo pieces from eight centuries - Hintermeier, ed.




Altblockflöten-Solobuch, Schott, 2014, ed. Barbara Hintermeier - a comprehensive collection of unaccompanied treble recorder pieces from 8 centuries, covering c. Grade 1-8 standard. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Treble Recorder Grade 2 (List C: Anon - Miller of Mansfield or 2nd Tune for the Parrot [Bird Fancyer's Delight]), Grade 3 (List C: Anon - 1st + 5th Tunes for the Canary Bird [Bird Fancyer's Delight] or I wish I may die if I do [The Compleat Tutor for the Flute]), Grade 4 (List C: Anon - Allmand or Krähmer - Trauer-Marsch or Telemann, 2nd mvt), Grade 5 (List C: Anon - Brisk Air or Gavots in G & G minor [The Flute Master]), Grade 6 (List C: Bach - Rondeau) Grade 7 (List C: Genzmer - Improvisation no.7) & Grade 8 (List C: Bassano - either) & Trinity Examinations 2017-21 Treble Recorder Grade 1 (Group B: Bingham), Grade 2 (Group B: Demoivre - Gavott) & Grade 3 (Group B: Krähmer - Romanze)

Anon. - 40 pieces from “The Bird Fancyer’s Delight“: A proper Tune for a Linnet, The Wood Lark, The Bull Finch, Canary Bird, The Linnet (1 & 2), Wood Lark (1 & 2), Linnet, Parrot, Sky Lark, Nightingale, Canary Bird, Bull Finch (1, 2 & 3), Canary Bird, The East India Nightingale, Bull Finch, Linnet, Starling, Sky Lark, Bell Finch, Sparrow, Linnet, Canary Bird, Trosill, Bull Finch, Canary Bird (1 & 2), Starling, Bull Finch, Wood Lark, Bull Finch, Canary Bird, Bull Finch, Skie Lark, Parrot, Bull Finch & Nightingale

Anon. - Air [7 Airs Anglois]

Anon. - Aire, Jigg, Sarraband, Corrant, Jigg, Gavot, Sarraband & Corrant [The Fifth Book of the New Flute Master, 1706]

Anon. – Allemanda & Giga (18th century)

Anon. - Ayre, Running Boree & Ayre [The Compleat Musick-Master Lessons for the Flute, 1722]

Anon. – Bonny Kitty, German Spa, La belle Jeanette, La nouvelle Provence, Werters Sonnet & Never believe’en [Verschnere Rejnvaen, 1787]

Anon. - Capricio, Menuett & Allemande (18th century) [Altblockflotenschule]

Anon. - Como poden, La manfredina, La rotta della manfredina, Quen a omagen da Virgen (Spanish 13th century)

Anon. - L. Cathcart’s Minuet, Lord Mark Kerr’s Minuet, I wish I may die if I do, Happy, happy, happy Pair, Noon-tide Air, The Maiden’s Resolution, O would’st thou know, Since Caelia’s unkind, The Hungarian Minuet, Auretti’s Minuet & Marshall Saxe’s Minuet [The Compleat Tutor for the Flute, 1750]

Anon. - Minuet I & II, Miller of Mansfield & Fly swiftly ye Minutes [The Modern Musick-Master, 1730]

Anon. - New Allmand, Corant, An Entrie Danc’d by Mrs. Saintloe at the Theatre & Gigue [The Compleat Flute Master]

Anon. - New March, Ghosts of ev’ry Occupation, Minuet, 3 Gavots, Brisk Air, Allmand & Spinning wheel Tune [The Flute Master]

Anon. - Saltarello (Italian 14th century)

Anon. – Woodycock [Solostucke Alte Meister]

Ariosti - Ah traditore [Vespasian][The Compleat Flute Master]

Bach, J.S. - Brandenburg Concerto no.2 BWV 1047; Rondeau

Barberini - Minuet [The Compleat Tutor for the Flute, 1750]

Barr - Fy nay preeche John [The Delightful Companion]

Barrett - Round O [The Fifth Book of the New Flute Master]

Bassano - Ricercata Terza + Ricercata Quarta [20 Ricercari op.17]

Bingham - Air [7 Airs Anglois]

Bononcini – Airietta [The Fifth Book of the New Flute Master]

Bononcini – Gavot [The Fifth Book of the New Flute Master]

Braun – Concerto [The Compleat Flute Master]

Clark - Jigg [7 Airs Anglois]

Clarke, J - Cibell [The Compleat Flute Master]

Cook – Ouverture [The Compleat Musick-Master Lessons for the Flute, 1722

Courtville - Solo [The Compleat Flute Master]

Demoivre – Rigadoon & Minuet [The Compleat Musick-Master Lessons for the Flute, 1722

Demoivre - Suite in A minor

Dieterich - Tag und Nacht

Finger, G – Prelude [The Compleat Flute Master]

Genzmer - Improvisation VII & Interludium [Improvisations]

Gorton – Division [The Compleat Flute Master]

Händel – Air, Pregi son d’un alma grande & Lusinghe piu care [Alexander] & Minuet [Floridante] [The Modern Musick-Master, 1730]

Heller, B - Glücklicher Moment, Luftblasen no. 1, no.2 (Am Meer sitzen und nichts tun) & no.3 & Weich [Hundertmelodienbuch]

Jordan & Dibden - Bells of Ab{b}erdovey [Verschnere Rejnvaen, 1787]

Krähmer – Allegro; Romanze; Romanze-Andantino; Trauer-Marsch

Linde - Ferne Flöte

Manfredini - Minuet

Peasable – Aire & Sarraband [The Fifth Book of the New Flute Master]

Pepusch – Prelude [The Compleat Flute Master]

Purcell - Heers that will Chaling all the Faire [The Delightful Companion]

Radermacher - Greensleeves – Thema und Variationen

Ruge - Capriccio

Salter, ed. - Tell me Thirsis [Duke of Guise, The], Remember ye Wiggs, Mr. Fardinels Ground, Could man his wish obtain, Old Simon the King & The Kings health [The Gentel Companion]

Scarlatti - An Air [Pyrrhus and Demetrius] [The Modern Musick-Master, 1730]

Schneider - Dreamin’ backwards to my former times mistress

Staeps - Presto possibile [Virtuoso Suite]

Steenhoven - Grand Jig / Giga Grandiosa

Tacet - Prelude

Tarasov - Flip-Flop

Telemann - Fantasie no. 1 in C

Van Eyck - Onse Vader in Hemelryck

van Heerde - Boree I & II, Jigg & Sarabanda [7 Airs Anglois]

Virgiliano - Ricercar come di sopra

Wragg - Prelude

Wright - Gregg’s Maggot [The Modern Musick-Master, 1730]

Zimmermann - Mantra für Altblockflöte und Füße

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