Dickinson - Pastorale, Blues and Homage - descant or tenor recorder




3 pieces by Peter Dickinson rearranged for Recorder (tenor or descant) and piano accompaniment, written for John Turner, who premiered the work in 2012 with the composer. The Pastorale comes from a student work, setting the 1st poem of James Joyce’s "Chamber Music", ‘Strings in the earth and air’; the 2nd piece is another song, Burns’ ‘My love is like a red, red rose’, which was frequently performed by Meriel and Peter Dickinson; Homage to Poulenc started as a piano duet, no.1 of Five Forgeries, dedicated to Lennox Berkeley, a good friend of Poulenc. Novello Custom Print. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018-21 Recorder Grade 6 (List B: Homage to Poulenc)

1. A James Joyce Pastorale (1955)

2. A Robert Burns Blues (1967)

3. Homage to Poulenc (1963)