ABRSM Clarinet Exam Pack 2018–2021 Grade 4




This pack brings together – for the first time – selected exam pieces, scales and arpeggios, sight-reading and audio downloads, for ABRSM’s 2018–2021 Grade 4 Clarinet syllabus.

Nine pieces in a range of styles, chosen from Lists A, B and C with piano accompaniment

All the new scales and arpeggios from 2018

Sample sight-reading tests for the new requirements from 2018

Audio performances by expert musicians plus accompaniment-only tracks for use when practising (download code included in the book)

List A:

Bizet - Avec la garde montaine (Children's Chorus) [Carmen: Act 1] arr. Bullard

Gade - Fantasy Piece [Fantasiestucke, op.43: no.1]

Trad. Klezmer - Choson Kale Mazel Tov arr. Franklin Gellnick

List B:

Lamont - The Wizard [Mr. Benn for clarinet]

James Collis - School's Out! [Tom Sawyer Suite: 1st mvt]

Norton - Cooling Breeze

List C:

Goodall - Dog, Bone, Mayhem

Nightingale - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Pike? [Fishy Scaley Studies: no.3]

Franz Ludwig Schubert - Andantino in A minor [Kleine theoretisch-praktische Clarinettenschule: no.63]

Scales & arpeggios


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