Saxophone Solos, Vol. 2 (Eb Alto Saxophone & Piano)




Contains eight solos for alto (Eb) saxophone + piano accompaniment, edited for Chester by Paul Harvey, 1977. Set for Trinity Examination 2017-21 Alto Saxophone Grade 5 (Group A: Cowles or Harvey, Paul). NB heavily shelf-worn cover, so reduced from RRP of £10.95: contents unaffected.

Bach, J.S.- Badinerie & Menuet [Orchestral Suite no.2 BWV1067]

Cowles - Tolmer's Village

Handel - Allegro [Harp Concerto / 7 pieces for keyboard]

Harvey, Dorothy - London's Burning

Harvey, Paul - Caprice Anglais

Sullivan - Sun and I, The [Mikado, The]

Vaughan Williams - Dance of Job's Comforters [Job]