Up Front Album for Bassoon




Carefully graded solos composed by five British 20th century composers for bassoon + piano accompaniment in a variety of styles. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Bassoon Grade 1 (List B: Hazell - West Point) & Grade 2 (List B: Gregson - Russian Dance) & Trinity Examinations 2017-21 Bassoon Grade 1 (Group A: Gorb), Grade 2 (Group A: Gregson - Nostalgic Waltz or Russian Dance) & Grade 3 (Group A: Dodgson - Hobby Horse). NB shelf-worn copy, so reduced from RRP of £7.95: contents unaffected.

Dodgson, Stephen - Hobby Horse; Lone Road

Gorb, Adam - Bell Ringer

Gregson, Edward - Nostalgic Waltz; Russian Dance

Hazell, Chris - From Rags to Rags; West Point

Lewin, Gordon - Six Shooter

Tags: Bassoon Grade 2; Bassoon Grade 3