Up Front Album for Oboe




Carefully graded solos by four British 20th century composers for oboe + piano accompaniment in a variety of styles, very easy—medium level. BrassWind, 1993. Set for Trinity Examination 2017-22 Oboe Grade 2 (Group A: Gregson - Summer Evening Serenade or Lewin - Daydreams), Grade 3 (Group A: Gorb - Saturday Stroll or Gregson - Folk Song Echoes) & Grade 4 (Group A: Lewin - Pussyfoot). NB Reduced from RRP of £7.95, bumped cover: contents unaffected.

Dodgson, Stephen - Water Wheel

Gorb, Adam - Saturday Stroll; Weeping Willow

Gregson, Edward - Folk Song Echoes; Summer Evening Serenade

Lewin, Gordon - Adios Triana; Daydreams; Pussyfoot

Tags: Oboe Grade 3; Oboe Grade 4