Michel, Jean-François - Preludio - Siciliana - Galop - trombone and piano




Jean-François Michel's 2014 concertante work for trombone (bass clef) + piano accompaniment, c.6 minutes overall in duration, comprises 3 successive (attacca) movements; it belongs to the intermediate audition trombone literature and requires serious preparation on musical, rhythmical and mental concentration issues from aspiring trombonists.

Preludio: In the middle section, between a lively entry and a repeated finale in 3/2 meters, the composer has placed a lyrical passage for the trombone to “sing” over a undulating piano accompaniment.

Siciliano: A pastoral dance, based on a bouncing 6/8 rhythm

Galop: This 2/4 dance concludes his suite with panache, in the Russian manner a la Shostakovitch

Set for ABRSM Examination 2017-22 Trombone Grade 5 (List B: Galop)