Russian Operatic Arias for Baritone




Arias from Russian operas arranged for solo baritone & piano accompaniment, edited by David Fanning for Edition Peters. Lyrics in Russian (in both Cyrillic & transliterated versions) + English, with notes on the arias & pronunciation notes in English, French & German.

Borodin - No sleep, no rest: Bb minor (Bb-gb') [Prince Igor: Igor]

Glinka - Great Perun, a damask sword from you I pray: E (A-e') [Ruslan and Lyudmila: Ruslan]

Mussorgsky - My pow’r is absolute: G# minor (Bb-gb') [Boris Godunov]

Mussorgsky - Fast asleep the soldiers lie: Eb minor (Bb-f') [Khovanshchina: Shaklovity]

Rachmaninoff - The gypsies sleep: Eb (c-f') [Aleko]

Rimsky-Korsakov - With her houses of stone, city-mother of all: Eb (c-g') [Sadko: Venetian Merchant]

Rubinstein - Your weeping, child, will not restore him: B (d#-g') [The Demon]

Tchaikovsky - Her image lingers day and night: G (d-g') [The Enchantress: Prince]

Tchaikovsky - Were I a man like any other: Bb (d-f') [Eugene Onegin]

Tchaikovsky - There’s none who can equal Matilda the fair!: E (c#-g') [Iolanta: Robert]

Tchaikovsky- Oh, Maria, Maria: Gb (db-ab') [Mazeppa]

Tchaikovsky - Our Muscovite Venus, the toast of Versailles: G (A-g') [Queen of Spades, The: Tomsky] & You know my love, my adoration: Eb (Bb-g') [Queen of Spades, The: Yeletsky]

Verstovsky - Brothers, listen to the story: F# minor (c#-f#') [Askold’s Grave: The Stranger]