Russian Operatic Arias for Mezzo-Soprano




Arias from Russian operas arranged for solo mezzo-soprano & piano accompaniment, edited by David Fanning for Edition Peters. Lyrics in Russian (in both Cyrillic & transliterated versions) + English, with notes on the arias & pronunciation notes in English, French & German. Set for Trinity Examination 2018-21 Singing Grade 8 (Group A: Tchaikovsky - Ah, Tanya, Tanya) & Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Unawd Mezzo-Soprano / Contralto / Counter-Tenor 19 ac o dan 25 oed (Tchaikovsky - Ah, Tanya, Tanya)

Arensky - Sleep, my darling dear: F minor (c'-f") [Dream on the Volga: Old Woman]

Borodin - Night is falling now: Gb (ab-f") [Prince Igor: Konchakovna]

Dargomyzhsky - Days of love and fond affection: E minor (g-f") [Rusalka: Princess]

Glinka - Dream divine, enchanting sight!: Eb (a-f") [Ruslan and Lyudmila: Lyudmila] & Ah, she brings joy: Db (b-eb") [Ruslan and Lyudmila: Ratmir]

Mussorgsky - Go, Ruzya: E minor (b-g#") [Boris Godunov: Marina]

Mussorgsky - Forces of prophecy: Eb (g-g") & Through the marshes she made her way: G (b-d") [Khovanshchina: Marfa]

Rimsky-Korsakov - Says the rain-cloud to the thunder one day: Ab (eb'-f") [Snow Maiden, The: Lel]

Rimsky-Korsakov - All through this night: Ab (c'-g") [Sadko: Lyubava]

Rimsky-Korsakov - The potion is prepared: E minor (a#-g#") [Kashchey the Deathless: Kashcheyevna]

Shchedrin - Through the leafy forest: C (c'-g") [Not Love Alone: Varvara]

Tchaikovsky - Ah, Tanya, Tanya: Eb (a-f") [Eugene Onegin: Olga]

Tchaikovsky- Farewell, dear land, familiar fields and meadows: D minor (d'-a") [Maid of Orleans, The: Joan]

Tchaikovsky - My friends, take heed of me: Eb minor (a-ab") [Queen of Spades, The: Pauline] & That’s enough now!: E (a-d") [Queen of Spades, The: Countess]