JazzFX for trumpet - Gale, Dave




Originally conceived as a set of solo jazz studies, the idea behind Dave Gale's "Jazz FX " for trumpet + backing CD steadily grew, firstly by adding duet/trio versions of each of the studies, & then by adding backing tracks. Students can play along with the CD & feel like they are in the middle of the band. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2017-21 Trumpet Grade 2 (List C: The Ending's Well or Puddle Hopping), Grade 3 (List C: Mellowdrama), Grade 4 (List C: Aye Carumba!), Grade 5 (List C: Silver Lining) & Trinity Examinations 2019-22 Eb Horn Grade 2 (Group A: Spy P.I. or Blues for Sam) & Grade 4 (Group B: Future Bright or Silver Lining) & Baritone / Euphonium Grade 3 (Group B: Rico Town) & Grade 5 (Group B: Silver Lining) .

And Now it's Time

Aye Carumba!

Blues for Sam

Ending's Well, The

Future Bright

Heads Up


Prairie Contrary

Puddle Hopping

Re: Bad Dinner

Rico Town

Silver Lining

Spy P.I.

Swinging Janos

Waltz for Woody