Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, The: Soprano 2




A series of 12 authentic collections presented in their original keys by voice type for voice + piano accompaniment, with songs from many of the best known shows - English lyrics only unless otherwise stated. Soprano, volume 2. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List C: I whistle a happy tune), Grade 4 (List C: Sound of Music, The), Grade 6 (List E: Without You or How could I ever know?), Grade 7 (List E: If I Were a Bell or Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze, The) & Grade 8 (List E: Poor wand’ring one or I'll Know or Vilja) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 3 (List A: I whistle a happy tune), Grade 4 (List A; Sound of Music, The), Grade 6 (List A: How Could I Ever Know?), Grade 7 (List A: If I Were a Bell or Simple Little Things) & Grade 8 (List A: Moonfall or Will he like me? or And this is my Beloved) + Trinity Examinations 2018-22 Singing Grade 6 (Group A: How Could I Ever Know? or Simple or Without You), Grade 7 (Group A: Take Me to the World or Will He Like Me?) & Grade 8 (Group A: Art is Calling for Me or Moonfall or Rosa's Confession or Unusual Way or Vilia) & Trinity Music Certificates: Singing Intermediate (Group A: If I were a Bell) & Singing Advanced (Group A, female: What will it be for me?)

All Through the Night [Anything Goes: Hope]: F (c'-f") - Porter

And This is My Beloved [Kismet: Marsinah]: F (e'-a") - Wright & Forrest after Borodin

Another Suitcase in Another Hall [Evita: Mistress]: C (a-e") - Lloyd Webber

Art is Calling for Me (I want to be a Prima Donna) [Enchantress, The]: Eb (eb'-bb") - Herbert

Call from the Vatican, A [Nine]: C (a-c'") - Yeston

Dear Friend [She Loves Me: Amalia]: Db (db'-f") - Bock

Glamorous Life, The [Little Night Music, A: Fredrika]: C minor/major (c'-e") - Sondheim

Gooch's Song [Mame]: Eb (g-g") - Herman

Greatest of These, The [Philemon]: Db (bbb-eb") - Schmidt

Gypsy in Me [Anything Goes: Hope]: C minor (c'-g") - Porter

How Could I Ever Know? [Secret Garden, The: Lily]: Db (bb-f") - Simon

I Do Not Know A Day I Did Not Love You [Two By Two: Rachel]: F (c'-f") - Rodgers

I Don't Know His Name [She Loves Me: Amalia]: G (b#-d#") - Bock

I Hate Men [Kiss Me Kate: Kate]:D (d'-e") - Porter

I Loved (J'aimais) [Jacques Brel is Alive and Well]: Db (c'-e") - Jouannest & Rauber

I Whistle a Happy Tune [King and I, The: Anna]: Bb (d'-d") - Rodgers

I'll Follow My Secret Heart [Conversation Piece: Melanie]: D/G (a-g") - Coward

I'll Know [Guys and Dolls: Sarah]: A (e'-g#") - Loesser

If I Were a Bell [Guys and Dolls: Sarah]: Eb (bb-d") - Loesser

Is It Really Me? [110 in the Shade: Lizzie]: D (a-e") - Schmidt

It Wonders Me [Plain and Fancy: Katie]: Eb (bb-bb") - Hague

Like a Woman loves a Man [Most Happy Fella, The: Rosabella]: D (d'-g") - Loesser

Look for a Sky of Blue [Little Mary Sunshine]: Db (c'-eb") - Besoyan

Moonfall [Mystery of Edwin Drood, The: Rosa]: A minor (b-g") - Holmes

My True Love [Phantom: Christine]: Eb (c'-g") - Yeston

Poor Wand'ring One [Pirates of Penzance, The: Mabel]: Ab (eb'-bb"/db'") - Sullivan

Raunchy [110 In The Shade: Lizzie]: C (g-ab") - Schmidt

Rosa's Confession [Mystery of Edwin Drood, The]: A minor (a-ab") - Holmes

Simple [Nine]: F (a-e") - Yeston

Simple Little Things [110 In The Shade: Lizzie]: B minor (b-e") - Schmidt

So Far [Allegro:Beulah]: Bb (c#'-d") - Rodgers

Sound of Music, The [Sound of Music, The: Maria]: F (d'-d") - Rodgers

Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze, The [Mikado, The: Yum-Yum]: G (d'-g") - Sullivan

Take Me to the World [Evening Primrose]: Bb (bb-eb") - Sondheim

This Place Is Mine [Phantom: Carlotta]: G (b-b") - Yeston

Unusual Way [Nine:]:C# minor (g#-e") - Yeston

Very Special Day, A [Me and Juliet: Jeanie]: F (c'-e") - Rodgers

Vilia [Merry Widow, The: Hannah]: G (d'-g"/b") - Lehar - English & German lyrics

Warm All Over [Most Happy Fella, The: Rosabella]: G (c#'-f#") - Loesser

What Will It Be For Me? [Regina: Alexandra]: C (e'-g") - Blitzstein

When Did I Fall In Love? [Fiorello!: Thea]: G (b-g") - Bock

Will He Like Me? [She Loves Me: Amalia]: G (b-f#") - Bock

Without You [My Fair Lady: Eliza]: C (b-eb") - Loewe

Tags: Singing Grade 4; Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8