Big Blue Planet - Songs for Worship




An ecumenical collection of worship songs for children to enjoy & share with everyone. Containing 83 exciting & unusual songs for young children to enjoy singing together, this is ideal for Sunday Schools, group worship & church groups. Ed. Judy Jarvis for Stainer & Bell, 1995. Voice / piano + chord indications.

Alleluia - Trad. South African (transcribed from the singing of George Mxadana).

Alleluia, Alleluia, Winter has Fled - White, Estelle

Always Remember, Never Forget - Masson, Lynda

Big Blue Planet - Baker, June.

Blessing and Honour - Hoare, Brian

Caring, Sharing - Caroe, Linda

'Cheep!' said the sparrow - White, Estelle.

Christ is Coming - Robertson, Aileen.

Christ was Born in Bethlehem / Ganwyd Crist ym Methlehem - Wyn, Arfon (English & Welsh lyrics)

Come, Lord Jesus, Come - Leftley, Francesca

Day by day without a word - Baker, June

Domine Deus - Crowther, Sylvia

Easter Tells Us - McDonald, M.P.

First the Seed and then the Rain - Trad. arr. Williams, Nicholas.

For God So Loved the World - Rose, Carol

For Micro Chips, for Oven Chips - Baker, June

Four Friends Carry a Neighbour (What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?) - Trad. Shanty

From Hand To Hand - Eaton, Andrew arr. Williams, Nicholas.

Glory to God - Source unknown, potentially Peruvian.

Glory to Our Wonderful God - Dann, Jenny.

God has Given Us Eyes to See - Trad. Ghanaian

God has Put A Circle Round Us - Dann, Jenny, arr. Williams, Nicholas.

God Made Furry Things - Bury, Penny

God Made the Heavens And Earth - Dore, Jo arr. Baker, June.

God, You Hold Me - Bexon, George F.

Good Morning, Jesus! - White, Estelle

Happy Easter We Will Say - Anon. arr. Williams, Nicholas.

He came down - Anon. arr. Bell, John

Here come the frogs - Churchill, Peter

Here's a Party - Baker, June.

Hosanna, Hosanna - Wyn, Arfon

How Beautiful - Churchill, Peter

I am the Church - Avery & Marsh.

I Jump for Joy - Waine, Marjorie

I Like Eating - Churchill, Peter

I Like the Sunshine - Trad. arr. Tulloch, Bruce

I Love the Pit, Pit, Patter of the Raindrops - Trad. arr. Tulloch, Bruce

I Love You Lord Jesus - Crouch & Mudie (duet)

I Nearly Forgot To Say 'Thank You!' - Larsson, John

I Saw a Diplodocus - Baker, June

If you're Black or if you're White - Trad. arr. Tulloch, Bruce

I'm Sitting by Myself - Baker, June

It's Birthday Time - Churchill, Peter

It's Hard to Say 'I'm Sorry' - Webb, Joy

Jesus Called to Peter the Fisherman - Denn, Jenny

Jesus I Know You Live - Waine, Marjorie

Jesus is my friend - Dore, Jo

Jubilate Deo - Crowther, Sylvia

Just a Tiny Seed - Atkins, Tracey

Keep a Light in your Eyes - Thomas, Ruth

Let Today be the Day - Franklin, Judith

Let us Praise the Lord Our God - Crowther, Sylvia

Lord hear our Prayer - Crowther, Sylvia

Lord, the Lord, The - Trad. arr. Williams, Nicholas

Love of God, The - Crowther, Sylvia.

Loving Jesus, We Will Thank You / Annwyl Iesu, diolch i Ti - Gwyn, Ceri (English & Welsh lyrics)

March the First is Here Again / Mis Mawrth unwaith eto - Gwyn, Ceri (English & Welsh lyrics).

May Your Loving Spirit - Anon., pre-1756 arr. Baker, June.

Morning, Evening, Frost and Dew - Newport, Doreen

Noel, Noel, Noel - Webb, Joy.

O What a Wonderful World - White, Estelle.

One Day When We Were Fishing - Churchill, Peter

Peace of the Lord, The - Hoare, Brian.

Playing, Running, Skipping, Jumping! - Webb, Joy

Praise the Lord of all Creation - St. Michael's Junior Choir, Limerick, arr. Grindle, Harry

Riding in a Car on the Motorway - Baker, June

Round and Round the Circle - Franklin, Judith

Sleep, Sleep, Gently Sleep - Franklin, Judith arr. Baker, June.

Special Star, A - Masson, Lynda.

Tingle, Tingle, Tingle - Baker, June.

'Twas Early Christmas Morning / Ar fore dydd Nadolig - Wyn, Arfon (English & Welsh lyrics)

'Tweet, Tweet, Tweet,' Said the Robin - Burman, Susan.

Two Long Pieces of Wood - Baker, June.

We All March to the Beating Drum - Cocks, Doreen

We Tend Our Sheep - Ruddle, Valerie.

We Thank You God for Mummies - Jarvis, Judy arr. Baker, June.

Welcome, Welcome, Today - Baker, June.

When I'm Feeling Down and Sad - Webb, Joy

Wherever You Go I Will Follow, Follow, Follow - Baker, June

Who Came to Mary? - Franklin, Judith arr. - Baker, June.

Who Made Your Eyes? - Waldecker, Lilian

Who Put the White in the Clouds? / Pwy roddodd liwiau tlws i'r wawr? - Jones, Elwyn (English & Welsh lyrics)

You are Loved by God / Duw sy'n dy garu di - Clarke, Jim (English & Welsh lyrics)