Classical Tunes for the Irish Harp vol.2 - van Campen, ed.




Despite the title, this second collection by Ank van Campen mostly arranges traditional Welsh, Scottish, English & Irish tunes for non-pedal harp at an easy level. Broekmans & van Poppel, 1983. Set for Trinity Examination 2020-23 Non-Pedal Harp Grade 4 (Princess Augusta or Spinning Song)

Brian Boru's March – Anon. Irish

Corranto – Anon. English c.1600

Dance – Anon. English c.1600

Dreams to Sell – Trad. Scottish

Fall of the Leafe, The – Pierson, Martin

Lady Sutherland's Reel - Trad. Scottish

Lament for Gerald – Anon. Irish

Margaret that Lost Her Garter (Megan a Gollodd ei Gardas) - Anon. Welsh, collected Edward Jones

Minstrelsy of Chirk Castle (Erddigan Caer Waen) – Anon. Welsh, collected Edward Jones

Planxty - O'Carolan

Princess Augusta - Trad. Scottish

Spinning Song - Trad. Scottish: Lewis

Strathspey - Trad. Scottish

Toye, A – Anon. English c.1600