Complete Guitar Player Book 2




Book 2 in Russ Shipton's best-selling guitar course. Learn about Barre chords, swing rhythm, bass runs & hammer-ons, alternating thumb style, music theory and classical style.

American Pie - McLean

Brown Eyed Girl - Morrison, Van

Can't Help Falling in Love {Presley, Elvis} - Weiss, Peretti & Creatore

Country Waltz - Shipton

Dedicated Follower of Fashion - Davies, Ray

Eternal Flame {Bangles, The} - Steinberg, Kelly & Hoffs

House of the Rising Sun, The - Trad.

Jolene – Parton, Dolly

Like a Rolling Stone - Dylan, Bob

Sailing {Stewart, Rod} - Sutherland

Streets of London - McTell

Study – Sor, Fernando

Yellow Submarine – Lennon & McCartney