Wicked - Schwartz - vocal selection




Stephen Schwartz's immensely popular 2003 musical "Wicked" tells of the earlier life of Elphaba, later to be Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz". Nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2005. Voice, piano accompaniment + guitar chord boxes. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 8 (List E, female voices: Popular) & Trinity Examinations 2018-22 Singing Grade 6 (Group A, female voices: I'm Not That Girl) & Grade 7 (Group A, female voices: Popular)

As Long As You're Mine - Elphaba & Fiyero: C minor (bb- bb")

Dancing Through Life - Fiyero: F (c'-g")

Defying Gravity - Elphaba: Db (e-f")

For Good - Glinda & Elphaba: C (g-c")

I Couldn't Be Happier - Glinda: Eb (bb-d"/eb")

I'm Not That Girl - Elphaba: A (e-b')

No Good Deed - Elphaba: B minor (b-d")

No One Mourns the Wicked - Ensemble: F# minor (a-g#"/a")

One Short Day - Ensemble: F# (g#-c")

Popular - Glinda: F (g-c")

What is This Feeling? - Galinda & Elphaba: F (b-d")

Wizard and I, The - Elphaba: C (gb-e")

Wonderful - Wizard: F (a-g")