New Concert Studies for Euphonium - Vol. 2 - Mead, ed.




Steven Mead has chosen this collection of original concert studies by such well-known composers as James Curnow, Jacob de Haan, Jan van der Roost and Allen Vizzutti. It will be of great use to all euphonium / baritone (treble clef) players who are looking for short unaccompanied solos: a free CD of performances is included. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2017-22 Baritone / Euphonium Grade 5 (List C: Konagaya - Daydream), Grade 6 (List C: Graham or Waignein - Comme dans une tarantella), Grade 7 (List C: Konagaya - Lamentoso) & Grade 8 (List C: Court or Schwarz - Flying Tongue) & Trinity Examinations 2019-22 Baritone / Euphonium Grade 5 (Group B: Vizzutti), Grade 6 (Group B: Curnow or Graham or Waignein - Comme dans une tarantella), Grade 7 (Group B: Court) & Grade 8 (Group B: Hadermann, Jan - Escapade)

Bulla, Stephen - Three Etudes

Court, Douglas - Chase , The

Curnow, James - Harmonious Tunesmith, The

de Haan, Jacob - Prelude

Goorhuis, Rob - Lullaby

Graham, Peter - Bach Invention, A

Hadermann, Jan - Escapade

Konagaya, Soichi - Daydream; Lamentoso

Sakai, Itaru - Two Studies

Schoonenbeek, Kees - Alba

Schwarz, Otto M. - Chaconne; Flying Tongue

Swerts, Piet - Hommage á J.-S. Bach

Van der Roost, Jan - Arlequino

Vizzutti, Allen - Easy Etude

Waignein, André - Comme dans une tarantella; Pensees Champetres

Tag: Euphonium Grade 5; Euphonium Grade 6; Euphonium Grade 7; Euphonium Grade 8