Double Bass Playtime




16 pieces in various styles for double bass + piano/CD accompaniment, ed. Lode Leire for De Haske. Position 1 - 4. Book made up of two parts: the first light with accompaniment on CD by Combo, no printed accompaniment & the second classically orientated with piano accompaniment on CD and in print.

Appermont, Ruben - Grand Tango

Charpentier - Applause, The (Eurovision Tune: Prelude to Te Deum)

Dvorák - Humoresque op. 101 no. 7

Goedhart, Dinie - Waltz on the Double Bass

Leire, Lode - Bassolini; Old Style Tune

Merkies, Michiel - Nice and Easy; Reggae; Sunny Funny

Mozart - Allegro K3

Saint-Saëns - L’Éléphant [Carnaval des animaux, Le]

Tchaikovsky - Andante (Variation 6) [Rococo Variations op.33]; Andantino [Symphony no. 4]

Traditional - Greensleeves; Kumbayah

Vivaldi - Allegro