100 Years Of Popular Music: 1950s vol 2




Chronicles the greatest music of the twentieth century. This book contains more than 70 songs from the 1950s arranged for piano, voice and guitar.

Ain't That a Shame: F (f'-f") - Domino & Bartholomew

Banana Boat Song, The: F (f'-f") - Arkin, Carey & Darling

Best is Yet to Come, The: Ab (a-d") - Coleman

Black Hills Of Dakota, The [Calamity Jane]: G (d'-e") - Fain

Blue Star (Medic theme, The): Eb (bb-eb") - Young

Book of Love: F (f'-c") - Patrick, Davis & Malone

Come Fly With Me: C (c'-e") - van Heusen

Daddy Cool: Eb (eb'-g") - Crewe & Slay Jnr

Dixieland Ball, The: Eb (c#'-eb") - Frisch

Do You Want To Dance?: F (f'-c") - Freeman

Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine): Eb (c'-d") - Williams, Hodge & Belvin

Ev'rywhere: Bb (d'-eb") - Evans

Four Legged Friend, A [Son of Paleface]: G (d'-d") - Brooks

Genevieve Waltz: C (c'-f#") - Adler

Get Me to the Church on Time (I'm Getting Married in the Morning) [My Fair Lady: Doolittle]: G (b-d") - Loewe

Half as Much: Eb (bb-eb") - Williams

Heartbreak Hotel: C (a-eb") - Axton, Durden and Presley

Hey There (You with the Stars in your Eyes) [Pajama Game, The: Sid]: Eb (c'-f") - Adler & Ross

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me: C (c'-e") - Noble

Hold My Hand [Susan Slept Here]: F (c#'-eb") - Lawrence & Myers

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom): Bb (bb-d") - Hoffman

I Could Be Happy With You [Boyfriend, The: Tony & Polly]: Eb (c'-f") - Wilson

I Hear You Knocking: C (c'eb") - Bartholomew & King

I Love Paris [Can-Can]: C minor (c'-e") - Porter

I Love You, Samantha [High Society]: C (c'-f") - Porter

I May Never Pass This Way Again: C (b-e!) - Melsher & Wizell

I Put a Spell on You: G minor (d'-f#") - Hawkins

I Remember it Well [Gigi]: Eb (bb-c") - Loewe

I'm Walking Behind You: D (a-e") - Reid

I've Grown Accustomed to her Face [My Fair Lady: Higgins]: Eb (c'-d") - Loewe & Lerner

If I Had a Hammer: Eb (eb'-eb") - Seeger & Hays

If Love is Good To Me: Eb (bb-d") - Spielman

Island in the Sun: D (b-eb") - Burgess & Belafonte

Isle of Innisfree: G (b-c") - Farrelly

It Only Hurts for a Little While: G (b-b') - Spielman

It's All Right With Me [Can-Can]: Eb (c'-eb") - Porter

Johnny B Goode: F (f'-c") - Berry

Just Walking in the Rain: Eb (bb-c") - Bragg & Riley Snr

Lazy Afternoon [Golden Apple, The: Helen & Paris]: C (a-d") - Moross

Let the Good Times Roll: F (g-c") - Lee

Looking High High High: C (c'-e") - Watson

Love and Marriage [Our Town]: C (b-e") - van Heusen

Magic Moments: Eb (c'-f") - Bacharach

Me and My Teddy Bear: F (c'-d") - Coots

Mister Sandman: Bb (c'-d") - Ballard

Misty: Eb (g-f") - Garner & Burke

Now You Has Jazz [High Society]: C (b-c")- Porter

Oh! Carol: G (d'-e") - Sedaka & Greenfield

Old Landmark, The: G (b'-d'") - Brunner

Party's Over, The [Bells are Ringing]: Eb (bb-d") - Styne

Poppa Piccolino (Papaveri E Papere): C (b-d") - Mascheroni

Reelin' and Rockin': F (bb-f") - Berry

Reet Petite (Sweetest Girl in Town, The): C (c'e") - Carlo & Gordy

Rip it Up: G (d'-d") - Blackwell & Marascalco

River of No Return, The: Eb (bb-c") - Newman

Rock and Roll Music: Eb (eb'-db") - Berry

Ruby Baby: C (e'-eb") - Leiber & Stoller

Sam's Song (Happy Tune, The): F (b-d") - Quadling

Sing a Rainbow [Pete Kelly's Blues]: F (c'-e") - Hamilton

Sisters [Holiday Inn]: C (c'-d") - Berlin

Smile [Modern Times]: F (c'-d") - Chaplin

Somethin' Else: G (c'-bb') - Sheeley & Cachran

Straight Down the Middle: F (c'-e") - van Heusen

Summertime Blues: C (c'-c") - Cochran & Capehart

Sweet Little Sixteen: C (c'-eb") - Berry

Takes Two to Tango: Eb (bb-eb") - Hoffman

Thank Heaven for Little Girls [Gigi]: G (c#'-d") - Loewe

That's Amore (That's Love) [Caddy, The]: Bb (c'-d") - Warren

Till: F (c'-d") - Danvers

Too Late Now [Royal Wedding]: C (c'-e") - Lane

Tutti Frutti: G (e'-d") - Penniman & Bostrie

Unforgettable: G (c'-e") - Gordon

Wand'rin' Star [Paint Your Wagon]: Eb (c'-eb") - Loewe

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) [Man who Knew Too Much, The]: C (b-d") - Livingston & Evans

When You Lose the One You Love: C (c'-e") - Pelosi, Arden & Harper

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: G (e'-bb') - Williams & David

Witchcraft [Take Five]: F (c'-d") - Coleman

With a Little Bit of Luck [My Fair Lady: Doolittle]: C (g-e") - Loewe

Yakety Yak: C (c'-c") - Leiber & Stoller - duet harmony given

You Belong to Me: Bb (c'-d") - King, Stewart & Price