100 Years Of Popular Music: 1950s Part 1




100 Years Of Popular Music chronicles the greatest music of the last century. This book contains more than 70 songs from the 1950s arranged for piano, voice and guitar, providing a fascinating insight into the music of the era.

All the Way [Joker is Wild, The]: Eb (bb-d") - van Heusen

April in Portugal (Coimbra / Whispering Serenade, The): C (b-e") - Ferrão

Around the World [Around the World in 80 Days]: C (b-e") - Young

Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart (Auf wiedersehen, auf wiedersehen): C (c'-d") - Storch

Autumn Concerto (And That Reminds Me): G (d'-e") - Bargoni

Autumn Leaves / Les Feuilles mortes [Les Portes de la Nuit]: E minor (b-e") - Kosma - English & French lyrics

Book, The: Eb (c'-eb") - Gotwald

Busy Line: F (c'-d") - Semos & Stanton

Bye Bye Love: F (c'-c") - Bryant

C’est Si Bon / It’s So Good: G (a-d") - Betti - English & French lyrics

Cara Mia: G (c'-d") - Trapani & Lange

Catch a Falling Star: C (g-g") - Vance & Pokriss - harmony part given for chorus

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Cerisiers Roses et Pommiers Blancs): Eb (bb-eb") - Louiguy

Cry: Bb (c'-eb") - Kohlman

Cry Me a River: C minor (c'-d") - Hamilton

Crying in the Chapel: C (a-e") - Glenn

Day the Rains Came, The / Le Jour où la Pluie Viendra: Eb (d'-eb") - Becaud - English & French lyrics

Diana: Eb (d'-eb") - Anka

Dream Lover: C (g'-f") - Darin

Fever: C (g-a') - Davenport & Cooley

Freight Train: Eb (c'-eb") - James, Williams & Cotton

Friends and Neighbours: F (c'-d") - Scott & Lockyer

From a Jack to a King: Bb (a-d") - Miller

Gigi [Gigi: Gaston]: C (g-c") - Loewe

Green Door, The: Bb (d'-d") - Davie

Handful of Songs, A: (bb-eb") - Bart, Pratt & Steele

Here in my Heart: Bb (d'-d") - Genaro, Levinson & Borelli

High Hopes [Hole in the Head, A]: F (f-d") - van Heusen

How Lucky You Are: C (c'-e") - Cassen

How Wonderful To Know (Anema e Core): G (d'-d") - D'Esposito

I Could Have Danced All Night [My Fair Lady: Eliza]: C (b-g") - Loewe

I Wanna Be Around: C (d'-f") - Mercer & Vimmerstedt

If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas): C (g#-e") - Brel

If You Love Me / Hymne a L’Amour: G (b-d") - Monnot - English & French lyrics

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning: C (c'-d") - Mann

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore: G (d'-d") - Anka

It’s Only Make Believe: Bb (bb-f") - Twitty & Nance

Just in Time [Bells are Ringing]: Bb (c#'-d") - Styne

La Bamba: C (g'-f") trad. arr. Valens - Spanish lyrics only

Let Me Go, Lover!: C (c'-d") - Carson

Living Doll: C (c'-e") - Bart

Little White Bull [Tommy the Toreador]: C (d'-d") - Pratt, Bart & Bennett

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing: Eb (c'-eb") - Fain

Love Me Tender: G (d'-c") - Matson & Presley

Loving You: F (c'-d") - Lieber & Stoller

May You Always: G (b-d") - Markes & Charles

More Than Ever / Come Prima: Bb (d'-d") - di Paola - English & Italian lyrics

Mr. Wonderful: C (b-e") - Bock, Holofcener & Weiss

My Heart Cries for You (after "La jardinière du Roi"): Bb (a-d") - Sigman & Faith

My Love and Devotion: Bb (bb-eb") - Carson

My One and Only Love: C (g-d") - Wood

Oh My Papa (Oh Mein Papa) [Schwarze Hecht, Der / Feuerwerk: G (a-d") - Burkhard

On the Street Where You Live [My Fair Lady: Freddy]: Bb (bb-e") - Loewe

Only Sixteen: F (d'-d") - Campbell

Only You (And You Alone): Ab (c'-d") - Ram & Rand

Out of Town [Charley Moon]: G (c'-d") - Bricusse & Beaumont

Passing Strangers: Eb (bb-d") - Mann & Mitchell

Raining in my Heart: G (d'-b') - Bryant

Remember You’re Mine: G (b-e") - Mann & Lowe

Return to Me / Ritorna a me: F (c'-e") - di Minno - English & Italian lyrics

Secret Love [Calamity Jane]: Eb (bb-eb") - Fain

Shoemaker’s Serenade, The: F (c'-d") - Lubin & Lisbona

Singing the Blues: F (d'-f") - Endsley

Soft Shoe Song ( Dance My Darlin' Used to Do, The): G (b-d") - Jordan

Somewhere along the Way: Eb (c'-eb") - Adams & Gallop

Story of my Life, The: C (c'-e") - Bacharach

Story of Tina, The (Dia Prasina Matia): C (a-c") - Katrivanou

Strollin’ [Gang Show]: F (c'-d") - Reader

Sugartime: F (c'-c") - Philips & Echols

Teenager in Love, A: C (c'-c") - Pomus & Shuman

Tell Me Why: Bb (bb-d") - Gold

Travellin’ Light: C (b-e") - Tepper & Bennett

True Love [High Society]: G (c'-c") - Porter

True Love Ways: Bb (a-eb") - Petty & Holly

Venus in Blue Jeans: C (b-d") - Greenfield & Keller

Volare: Bb (c'-d") - Modugno - English & Italian lyrics

When I Fall in Love [One Minute to Zero]: Eb (bb-c") - Young

White Sports Coat, A (and a Pink Carnation): C (c'-c") - Robbins

With These Hands: C (b-d") - Silver

Young and Foolish [Plain & Fancy]: D (c'-e") - Hague