100 Years Of Popular Music: 1920s vol 2




Chronicles the greatest music of the twentieth century. This book contains more than 70 songs from the 1920s arranged for piano, voice and guitar.

Ain’t She Sweet: Eb (eb'-eb") - Ager

Am I Blue? [On with the Show]: F (c'-e") - Akst

Among my Souvenirs: Eb (eb'-f") - Nicholls - + duet harmony for chorus

Baby Face [Glorifying the American Girl]: C (d'-e") - Davis & Akst

Basin Street Blues: C (c'-eb") - Williams

Because my Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now: F (c'-e") - Donaldson

Bugle Call Rag: Bb (c'-f") - Pettis, Meyers & Schoebel

Carolina Moon: G (c#'-d") - Davis & Burke

Chicago (That Toddling Town): Eb (bb-eb") - Fisher

Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich & You, A [Charlot's Revue of 1926]: Bb (d'-eb") - Meyer

Dance, Little Lady [Cochran’s 1928 Revue "This Year of Grace"]: Eb (a - d") - Coward

Deep in my Heart, Dear [Student Prince, The]: D (c'-c'") - Romberg - duet

Delaney’s Donkey: C (c'-c") - Hargreaves

Desert Song, The (Blue Heaven & You & I): C (c#'-e"/g") - Romberg

Dinah [Kid Boots]: G (d'-d") - Akst

Does the Spearmint Loose its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight?): Eb (eb'-eb") - Breuer

Don’t Bring Lulu: Bb (c'-d") - Henderson

Down Yonder: Eb (c'-f") - Gilbert

Drinking Song, The [Student Prince, The]: G (b-e") - Romberg

Fascinating Rhythm [Lady, Be Good]: Eb (eb’–f") - Gershwin

Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?): C (e'-d") - Henderson

Girl of my Dreams: C (d#'-e") - Clapp

Halfway Down the Stairs: E (e'-e") - Fraser-Simpson

Happy Days and Lonely Nights: Eb (eb'-f") - Fisher

How long has this been going on? [Rosalie]: G (d'-e") - Gershwin

I Belong to Glasgow: C (c'-e") - Fyffe

I Can’t Give you Anything but Love [Blackbird Revue]: G (d'-e") - McHugh

I Wish I Could Shimmy like my Sister Kate: Eb (eb'-f") - Piron

I Wonder Where my Baby is Tonight: F (c'-eb") - Donaldson

I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time: Bb (d'-d") - von Tilzer

I’m just Wild About Harry [Shuffle Along]: C (c'-e") - Blake

I’m Nobody’s Baby: G (d'-e") - Ager

I’ve Never Seen a Straight Banana: D (d'-f#") - Waite

If you Knew Susie: C (e'-f") - Meyer

Indian Love Call [Rose Marie]: F (a-f"/g") - Friml

It Had to be you: G (d'-e") - Jones, Isham

Just a Gigolo / Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo: G (c'-eb") - Casucci - English & German lyrics

K-ra-zy for you [Crazy for You]: Eb (eb'-f") - Gershwin

Laziest Gal in Town, The: Eb (bb-eb") - Porter

Let’s do it [Can – Can]: Bb (bb-eb") -Porter

Let’s Misbehave [Paris / Anything Goes]: C (c'/d'-e"/g") - Porter

Man I Love, The [Lady, Be Good]: Eb (d'-eb") - Gershwin

Mistakes: C (c#'-d") - Lynton

Moonlight and Roses: Ab (eb'-f") - Lemare - + duet harmony for chorus

More than you Know [Great Day]: C (d'-e") - Youmans

Mountain Greenery [Garrick Gaieties, The]: C (c'-d") - Rodgers

Muskrat Ramble: Ab (c'-eb") - Ory

My Yiddishe Momma: G minor (d'-eb"/bb") - Yellen & Pollack - English & Yiddish lyrics to chorus

Nobody knows you when you're down & out: Eb (c'-d") - Cox

Nobody’s Sweetheart: G (c#'-e") - Erdman & Schoebel

On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep: Eb (c'-e") - Stevens

One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else, The: G (d'-e") - Jones, Ischam

Only a Rose [Vagabond King, The: Katherine/Villon]: Ab (c'-f") - Friml

Pasadena: C (c'-e") - Warren

Rose of the Rio Grande: C (c'-e") - Warren & Gorman

Runaway Train, The: G (d'-d") - Robison

S’posin: G (e'-f#"/g") - Denniker

Say it with Music [Music Box Revue]: Eb (c'-f") - Berlin

Shaking the Blues Away [Ziegfeld Follies of 1927]: Eb (d'-eb") - Berlin

S-H-I-N-E [His Honor the Barber]: Eb (f'-eb") - Dabney

Ship without a Sail, A [Heads Up!]: Eb (bb-eb") - Rodgers

Sometimes I’m Happy [Hit the Deck]: F (f'-f"/g") - Youmans

Stairway to Paradise [George White's Scandals of 1922]: C (c’–f") - Gershwin

Strike up the Band: Bb (e'-f") - Gershwin

‘Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-nes if I do: Bb (f'-eb") - Grainger & Robbins

That Old Fashioned Mother of Mine: Bb (f'-f") - Nicholls

There’s a Blue Ridge round my Heart, Virginia: G (d'-e") - Phillips & Schuster

They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace: G (d'-d") - Fraser-Simpson

Thou Swell [Connecticut Yankee, A]: Eb (bb-eb") - Rodgers

Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye: G (b-c") - Kahn, Erdman, Russo & Fiorito

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans [Spice of 1922]: G (e'-e") - Creamer & Layton

What is this Thing Called Love? [Night and Day]: C minor (c'-f") - Porter

What’ll I do? [Music Box Revue]: C (c'-d") - Berlin

When my Baby Smiles at me; G (c#'-e") - Munro

When You’re Smiling: Bb (d'-eb") - Shay, Fisher & Goodwin

Who’s Sorry Now?: Bb (d'-eb") - Snyder

Without a Song [Great Day]: Db (ab-eb") - Youmans

Yes! We Have no Bananas: C (e'-e") - Silver & Conn

You do Something to me [Fifty Million Frenchmen]: Eb (bb-eb") - Porter

You’re in Kentucky sure as you’re Born: Eb (eb'-eb") - Little, Gillespie & Shay