Bennett, Elinor - Collection of Welsh, Irish & Scottish Airs for harp, A (CD)




This disc from one of Wales' most distinguished harpists, Elinor Bennett, was first released in 1992; recorded in the Medieval Hall - Cochwillan - just outside Bangor in Gwynedd. All the tracks have been re-mastered and the sound quality greatly improved.

Three very different harps were used.
A concert grand harp (1984) by Horngacher of Munich
A triple harp (1982) by the late John Weston Thomas
A celtic Harp (c1979) by Brown & Taylor of Edinburgh

Mostly harp solos, some sung & self-accompanying tracks.

Anfon y Nica

Bachgen Bach o Dincer

Blewyn Glas

Blodau'r Gorllwein


Carolan's Receipt

Ddau Farch, Y

Ffarwel i Blwy Llangywer

Hen Fechetan

In Old Donegal

March Glas, Y

Marchnad Llangollen

Megan a Gollodd ei Gardas

Mel Wefus

Moel yr Wyddfa

Mwynen Gwynedd

Nos Galan

Pa Le mae 'Nghariad i?

Peat-Fire Flame, The

Quiet Land of Erin

Sleeps the Noon in the Deep Blue Sky

Sunset Poem

Titrwm Tatrwm

Wild Geese, The