Secret Garden, The - Simon, Lucy - vocal selection




The vocal selection from Lucy Simon's 1991 show "The Secret Garden" for voice + piano accompaniment. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List C: Girl I Mean to Be, The or Round-Shouldered Man), Grade 6 (List E: How Could I Ever Know?) & Grade 8 (List E: Bit of Earth, A (male)) + Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 3 (List A: Round-Shouldered Man or Girl I meant to be, The) & Trinity Examinations 2018-22 Singing Grade 7 (Group A, male voices: Winter’s on the Wing) & Grade 8 (Group A, male voices: Bit of Earth, A)

Bit of Earth, A: A (db'-gb"/a")

Clusters of Crocus / Come to My Garden: Db (c'-g") - duet

Girl I Mean to Be, The: Eb (ab-c")

Hold On: E (f-b')

How Could I Ever Know?: Db (bb-f")

If I Had a Fine White Horse: C (g-d")

Lily's Eyes: Db (b-f#") - duet

Race You to the Top of the Morning: Ab (db'-ab")

Round-Shouldered Man: Bb (bb-d#")

Where in the World: Cb (fb'-ab")

Wick: Bb (f'-g")

Winter's on the Wing: C (d'-f#") .

Tags: Singing Grade 6; Singing Grade 8