Songs of Christmas - arr. Jones, Margery Hargest




Songs of Christmas, mostly traditional: these arrangements by Margery Hargest Jones include the melody line in the piano accompaniment, so they work equally well as piano solos. English lyrics only, unless specified otherwise. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: O sleep, my pretty baby or Go, tell it on the mountain), Grade 2 (List A: Repousa tranquillo, O meigo Jesus & List B: Gabriel’s Message or Sans Day Carol) & Grade 3 (List B: Gower Wassail, The)

A La Ru-Ru-Ru - Trad. Lullaby Mexico: G (e’-d’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

All Poor Men and Humble (O deued pob Cristion) – Trad. Welsh: A (e’-e’’)

As Joseph was a-Walking (Cherry Tree Carol) – Trad. English: D (d’-d’’)

Carnal and the Crane, The – Trad. French: C (e’-e’’)

Carol of the Drum – Davis, K: D minor (f’-eb’’)

Célébrons la Naissance – Trad. French 15th c.: G minor (f’-d’’) - French lyrics only.

Christmas in Rome – Trad. Italy: D (d’-e’’)

Come and Adore Him – Trad. Hungary: G (d’-e’’)

Cuckoo Carol, The – Trad. Czechoslovakia: D minor (c’-f’’)

De Tierra Lejana Venimos – Trad. Puerto Rico: D minor (d’-e’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

Earth’s Joy – Trad. Mexico: D minor (c’-f’’)

En Balén tocan a fuego – Trad. Spain (Castile): F minor (c’-d’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

En nombre del Cielo – Trad Mexico: D (c’-d’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

Es steht ein'Lind'im Himmelreich – Trad. German 15th c.: e’-e’’) - German lyrics only.

Es Wird Schon Gleich Dunkel – Trad. Austria (Tyrol): G (d’-d’’) - German lyrics only.

Fum Fum Fum! – Trad. Spain: C (e’-d’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

Gabriel's Message – Trad. Basque: C (e’-e’’)

Go Tell it on the Mountain – Trad. USA: G (d’-e’’)

Gower Wassail, The – Trad. Wales: B minor (b-e’’)

Heer Jezus heeft een Hofken – Trad. Holland: G (d’-d’’) - Dutch lyrics only.

Holly Tree, The (Gelynnen, Y) – Trad. Wales: D (d’-e’’)

Huachitorito (Little Bull) – Trad. Latin America: D (d’-d’’) - Spanish lyrics only.

Huron Indian Carol – Trad. Canadian: C (e’-e’’)

I Wonder as I Wander – Trad. USA (Appalachians) arr. Niles: C (c’-e’’)

Il est né le divin Enfant! – Trad. France: G (d’-e’’) - French lyrics only.

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly – Trad. Poland: G (d’-d’’)

Jesu is Crying – Trad. Brazil: C (e’-d’’)

Joseph lieber Joseph mein – Trad. Germany 17th c.: D minor (f’-f’’) - German lyrics only.

Lippai steh auf vom Schlaf – Trad. Tyrolean: G (d’-e’’) - German lyrics only.

Lullaby for baby Jesus (Repousa tranquillo) – Trad. Brazil: G minor (d’-e’’)

Mary had a Baby – Trad. West Indies: G (d’-e’’)

No Room was there for Mary – Trad. Spain: D (d’-d’’)

O Sleep My Pretty Baby – Trad. Spain/New Mexico: D (d’-d’’)

O Tannenbaum – Trad. Germany: G (d’-e’’) - German lyrics only.

Praise of Christmas, The – Trad. 16th c.: D minor (d’-f’’)

Quelle est cette odeur agréable – Trad. France (Lorraine): E (e’-e’’) - French lyrics only.

Rise Up Shepherd - Trad. USA Spiritual: D (g-d’’)

Rocky Rocky Road – Trad. West Indies: D minor (c’-d’’)

Sans Day Carol – Trad. Cornwall: C minor (d’-e’’)

Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht! – Gruber: C (c’-f’’) - German lyrics only.

Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabella! – Trad. France (Provence): G (d’-d’’) - French lyrics only.

Up! Good Christen Folk – Trad. Finland: D (d’-d’’)

Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy, The – Trad. Trinidad: F (c’-e’’)

Wassail Song – Trad. England: F (d’-f’’)

Yodlers' Carol,The – Caldwell, M: F (c’-f’’)

Yuletide Feast, A – Trad. Sweden: G (e’-e’’)

Zither Carol – Trad. Czechoslovakia: F (c’-f’’)

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