Among Your Souvenirs: Songs of the Victorian & Edwardian Era




"Fragment memories from the Victorian and Edwardian period and a little later" from the B&H archives, comprising many familiar songs no longer available in other formats.

Androzzo - If I Can Help Somebody: C (c'-e")

Bishop - Lo! Here the Gentle Lark [Venus and Adonis]: F (f'-c"')

Brahe - Bless this House - duet: Eb (ab-eb"/ d'-ab")

Coates - Stonecracker John: Eb (bb-eb"/f")

Dix – Trumpeter, The: G (b-d"/e")

Finck - In the Shadows (piano solo in G)

Fletcher, P - Bal masquée. Valse (piano solo in D)

German - Glorious Devon: C (c'-d")

Head - Little Road to Bethlehem, The: F (c'-f")

Kennedy-Fraser, arr. - Eriskay Love Lilt, An: G (d'-e") - Gaelic & English lyrics.

Moir - Down the Vale: F (d'-f")

Sanderson - Friend o' Mine: Ab (bb/db'-eb")