Sing Solo Christmas




John Carol Case's collection of classical Christmas songs for OUP is available for either high or low voice + piano accompaniment. Original language lyrics in most cases, + English translations where applicable. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List B: Reger), Grade 6 (List A: Tate arr. + List C: Warlock) & Grade 8 (List A; Cornelius - Three Kings or Rutter) & Trinity Examination 2018-21 Grade 5 (Group B: Warlock).

Keys/pitches given for high voice volume first.

Atkinson, René - Ave Maria: A (e'-g#") / F (c'-eb")

Bach, C.P.E. - Christmas Song (Weihnachtslied): G (d'-g") / Eb (bb-eb")

Britten - Corpus Christi Carol [Boy was Born, A]: D minor (f'-g") - in high voice version only

Byrd, arr. Willcocks, D - Cradle Song: G (f#'-f") / Eb (d'-db")

Case, John Carol, arr. - King Herod and the Cock - Trad. English: Bb minor (f'-f") / G minor (d'-d") + Rocking - Trad. Czech (English lyrics only): Ab (eb'-f") / F (c'-d") + Two Shepherd Boys, The - Trad. German (English lyrics only: German text separate): A (e'-f#") / F (c'-d")

Cornelius - Christmas Tree, The (Christbaum: () / G (d'-e") + Three Kings, The (Die Konige): Bb (d'-g") / G (b-e") [Weinachtslieder op.8]

Fulton, Norman - Make we merry: D (d'-f#") / Bb (bb-d")

Holst, arr. - Masters in this Hall - Trad. French (English lyrics only): D minor (c#'-f") / C minor (b-eb")

Ireland - Holy Boy, The: D (b-e"/f#") - in low voice version only

Reger - Mary's Cradle Song (Mariä Wiegenlied) [Schlichte Weisen op.76 - no.52]: F (f'-f") / Db (db'-db")

Rutter - Shepherd's Pipe Carol: F (c'-g") / Eb (bb-f")

Seaman, Barry - Gabriel's Greeting: (d'-e") / (bb-c")

Shaw, Martin - Merry Christmas: D (d'-f#"/a") / Bb (bb-d"/f")

Stanford - Monkey's Carol, The [6 Songs op.175]: D minor (d'-g") / B minor (b-e")

Tate, Phyllis, arr. - Long ago in Bethlehem [3 Moravian Carols] (English lyrics only): G (f#'-g") / Eb (d'-eb")

Vaughan Williams – Oxen, The [Hodie]: F# minor (e'-f#") / D minor (c'-d") + Wither's Rocking Hymn: G minor (f'-g") / E minor (d'-e")

Warlock - Balulalow (Cradle-song, A): Eb (eb'-f") / C (c'-d")

Willcocks, D, arr. - Infant King, The (Sing lullaby!) - Trad. Basque (English lyrics only): F (c'-f") / D (a-d") + Sussex Carol: G (d'-e") - both versions

Tags: Singing Grade 6; Singing Grade 8