Rodgers and Hammerstein Collection, The




A superlative collection of 70 Rodgers & Hammerstein songs from their well known musicals. The book includes short biographies & notes on the shows. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List C: Edelweiss or My Favorite Things), Grade 2 (List C: In My Own Little Corner or Getting to Know You), Grade 3 (List C: I Whistle a Happy Tune), Grade 4 (List C: Hello, Young Lovers or Sound of Music, The or Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The), Grade 5 (List C: I Have Dreamed), Grade 6 (List E:Many a New Day or Out of my Dreams), Grade 7 (List E: Something Wonderful or This Nearly was Mine or Younger than Springtime) & Grade 8 (List E: If I Loved You or Some Enchanted Evening) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 1 (List A: Do Re Mi or Edeleweiss & List C: Lovely night, A or My Favorite Things or Dites-Moi), Grade 2 (List A: In My Own Little Corner or Ten Minutes Ago or Getting to Know You or Shall we Dance? or We Kiss in a Shadow or Cock-eyed Optimist, A), Grade 3 (List A: I Whistle a Happy Tune & List C: I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa my Hair), Grade 4 (List A: Hello, Young Lovers or Sound of Music, The & List C: Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The), Grade 5 (List A: Bali Ha'i or I Have Dreamed or Love, Look Away or No Other Love), Grade 6 (List A: It Might as Well be Spring or Lonely Room or Out of my Dreams or People Will Say We're In Love or Mister Snow or You'll Never Walk Alone & List C: I Cain't Say No), Grade 7 (List A: Something Wonderful or Younger than Springtime) & Grade 8 (List A: If I Loved You) + Trinity Examinations 2018-22 Singing Grade 4 (Group A: I Have Dreamed or We Kiss in a Shadow) & Grade 5 (Group A: Shall We Dance?) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Intermediate (Group A: Some Enchanted Evening).

All at once You Love Her [Pipe Dream]: F (c'-d")

All Kinds of People [Pipe Dream]: Ab (eb'-eb")

Bali Ha'i [South Pacific]: F (c'-d")

Bloody Mary [South Pacific]: Eb (eb'-eb")

Carousel Waltz, The (instrumental in D)

Climb Ev'ry Mountain [Sound of Music, The]: C (c'-f")

Cock-eyed Optimist, A [South Pacific]: G (b-d")

Come Home [Allegro]: C (b#-d")

Dites-moi (Tell Me Why) [South Pacific]: C (d'-c") - French & English lyrics

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? [Cinderella]: G minor (d'-d")

Do-re-mi [Sound of Music, The]: C (c'-c")

Edelweiss [Sound of Music, The]: Bb (d'-c")

Fan Tan Fanny [Flower Drum Song]: Bb (d'-c")

Fellow Needs a Girl, A [Allegro]: F (c'-eb"/f")

Gentleman is a Dope, The [Allegro]: F (c#'-e")i

Getting to Know You [King & I, The]: C (e'-e")

Hello, Young Lovers [King & I, The]: C (a-c")

Hundred Million Miracles, A [Flower Drum Song]: D (c'-e")

I Cain't Say No [Oklahoma!]: F (c'-d")

I Enjoy Being a Girl [Flower Drum Song]: F (c'-e")

I Have Dreamed [King & I, The]: Eb (bb-eb")

I Whistle a Happy Tune [King & I, The]: Bb (d'-d")

If I Loved You [Carousel]: D (a-f")

I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa my Hair [South Pacific]: F (c'-f")

Impossible [Cinderella]: G (c'-c")

In My Own Little Corner [Cinderella] : F (d'-d")

It Might as Well be Spring [State Fair]: G (d'-d")

It's a Grand Night for Singing [State Fair]: G (d'-e")

June is Bustin' out all over [Carousel]: G (c'-d")

Kansas City [Oklahoma!]: Ab (eb'-f")

Lonely Goatherd, The [Sound of Music, The]: F (c'-a")

Lonely Room [Oklahoma!]: D (d'-c#")

Love, Look Away [Flower Drum Song]: C (b-e")

Lovely Night, A [Cinderella]: F (c'-c")

Many a New Day [Oklahoma!]: C (b-d")

March of the Siamese Children, The [King & I, The] (instrumental in F)

Maria [Sound of Music, The]: C (c'-f")

Mister Snow [Carousel]: Eb (bb-d")

My Favorite Things [Sound of Music, The]: G (b-c")

My Lord and Master [King & I, The]: Ab (c'-g")

No Other Love [Me & Juliet]: Eb (c'-f")

Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' [Oklahoma!]: Eb (d'-eb")

Oklahoma!: C (c'-e")

Our State Fair [State Fair]: G (b-d")

Out of my Dreams [Oklahoma!]: F (c'-d")

People Will Say We're in Love [Oklahoma!]: G (c'-e")

Shall We Dance? [King & I, The]: Eb (c'-bb')

Sixteen Going On Seventeen [Sound of Music, The]: F (c'-d")

So Far [Allegro]: C (d#'-e")

So Long, Farewell [Sound of Music, The]: C (b-g")

Soliloquy [Carousel]: D (b-g")

Some Enchanted Evening [South Pacific]: C (c'-e")

Something Wonderful [King & I, The]: G (b-e")

Sound of Music, The: F (d'-d")

Stepsister's Lament [Cinderella]: C (c'-d")

Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The [Oklahoma!]: G (c#'-d")

Ten Minutes Ago [Cinderella]: G (c#'-d")

That's the Way it Happens [Me & Juliet]: F (c'-d")

There is Nothin' Like a Dame [South Pacific]: G (d'-g")

This Nearly was Mine [South Pacific]: Eb (d'-f")

Twin Soliloquies (This is how it feels) [South Pacific]: D (a-b')

We Kiss in a Shadow [King & I, The]: F (c'-c")

What's the Use of Wond'rin' [Carousel]: C (b-e")

When the Children are Asleep [Carousel]: Eb (c'-eb")

Wonderful Guy, A [South Pacific]: D minor/major (d'-d")

You are Beautiful [Flower Drum Song]: D (c'-e")

You are Never Away [Allegro]: G (b-g")

You'll Never Walk Alone [Carousel]: C (c'-e"/g")

Younger than Springtime [South Pacific]: C (b-d")

You've Got to be Carefully Taught [South Pacific]: F (d'-d")

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