Baroque Keyboard Pieces Book 1




A collection of 55 easy pieces of keyboard music from the period 1600 - 1750, offering a fairly representative selection of the forms, styles and composers of that period and providing both scholarly performing editions and sources of enlightenment on performance conventions. Edited by Dr Richard Jones for ABRSM. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2015 onwards Organ Grade 1 (List A: Blow - Air) & Grade 2 (List A: Daquin or Clarke - Prince of Denmark's March, The).

Anon. - Duke Of York's March [Musick's Hand-Maide]; Menuet [Anna Magdalena Bach Book]

Bach, J.S. - Bourree BWV820/5, Gigue BWV820/6 + Menuet & Trio BWV820/3-4 [Ouverture in F BWV820]; Sarabande BWV833/4 [Praeludium et Partita del Tuono terzo BWV833]

Barrett, John – Pilgrim, The [Third Book of the Harpsichord Master, The]

Blow, John - Air; Gavott & Saraband [Second Part of Musick's Hand-Maid, The]

Bohm, Georg - Sarabande

Byrne, Albertus - Saraband [Musick's Hand-Maide]

Chambonnieres, Jacques Champion De - Sarabande

Clarke, Jeremiah – Aire + Prince Of Denmark's March, The [Second Book of the Harpsichord Master, The]

Couperin - Branle De Basque; Premier Air pour la Suite du Trophee (plain & ornamented versions) [Quatrieme Livre de Pieces de Clavecin]

Croft, William – Minuet + Scotch Tune [Third Book of the Harpsichord Master, The]

Dandrieu, Jean-Francois - L'Agreable (plain & ornamented versions) [Livre de Pieces de Clavecin]

Daquin - Suite de la Rejouissance (plain & ornamented versions) [1er Livre de Pieces de Clavecin]

Frescobaldi - Corrente Prima [Il primo Libro d'Intavolatura di Toccate]

Graupner, Johann Christoph - Menuet

Greene, Maurice - Aire

Handel - Gavotte HWV491; Impertinence HWV494; Menuet HWV450/6 [Partita in G]; Sonatina HWV582

Lawes, William - Saraband [Musick's Hand-Maide]

Lebegue, Nicolas-Antoine - Gavotte (plain & ornamented versions) [Les Pieces de Clavessin]

Le Roux, Gaspard - Menuet [Pieces de Clavecin]

Locke, Matthew – Allman [Musick's Hand-Maide]; Simerons Dance, The [History of Sir Francis Drake, The/ Musick's Hand-Maide]

Marchand, Louis – Menuet en Rondeau [Pieces de Clavecin, Livre Second]

Mattheson, Johann - Sarabande [Pieces de Clavecin]

Pasquini – Aria; Three Arias

Petzold, Christian – Menuet 1 & 2 [Anna Magdalena Bach Book - formerly attrib. Bach, J.S]

Purcell - Hornpipe ZT683 [Abdelazar]; Jig ZT686 [Abdelazar: Choice Collection of Lessons, A]; Minuet Z649 [Second Part of Musick's Hand-Maid, The]; New Irish Tune, A Z646 Lillibulero) [Second Part of Musick's Hand-Maid, The]; Prelude for the Fingering [Harpsichord Master, The]; Prelude Z660/1 [Choice Collection of Lessons, A]; Song Tune ZT694 (Ah, how pleasant 'tis to love) [Second Part of Musick's Hand-Maid, The]

Rameau – Menuet [Premiere Livre de Pieces de Clavecin]; Menuet en Rondeau [Pieces de Clavecin]

Rogers, Benjamin - Ayre [Musick's Hand-Maide]

Scarlatti, D - Larghetto Kp34 + Minuetto Kp40 [XLII Suites de Pieces de Clavecin]

Telemann – Aria [Der getreue Music Meister]; Dolce in D Minor + Dolce in G [Fantasies pour le Clavessin]; Gigue a L'Angloise [Der getreue Music Meister: Partita in G TWV32:1]; Minuetto [Fantasies pour le Clavessin]