Bird Fancyer's Delight, The - solo sopranino or treble recorder




This 1717 collection by anonymous composers was published to teach pet birds to imitate tunes within their natural ranges played by their owners on a flageolet. This Schott edition of 1954 by Stanley Goodman adjusts them for unaccompanied treble or sopranino recorder. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018-21 Treble/Alto Recorder Grade 1 (List C: 3rd Tune for the Canary Bird or 1st Tune for the Parrot), Grade 2 (List C: 2nd Tune for the Starling or 2nd Tune for the Parrot) & Grade 3 (List C: 1st + 5th Tunes for the Canary Bird) + Trinity Examination 2017-21 Treble/Alto Recorder Grade 1 (Group B: 3rd Tune for the Canary Bird or 1st Tune for the Parrot)

10 Tunes for the Bullfinch

9 Tunes for the Canary Bird

6 Tunes for the Linnet

4 Tunes for the Woodlark

3 Tunes for the Skylark

3 Tunes for the Starling

2 Tunes for the Parrot

2 Tunes for the Nightingale

A Tune for the East India Nightingale

A Tune for the Sparrow

A Tune for the Throstle

Tags: Recorder Grade 2; Recorder Grade 3