Solo Now! for guitar - Volume 2




This EGTA volume from the Solo Now series includes original progressive guitar solos. Set for the ABRSM Examinations 2019 onwards Guitar Grade 3 (List C: Goss - Aeolian Harp).

Batchelar, Peter - Cat and Mouse; Ducks and Swans

Bowers, Timothy - Hungarian Dance; Sarabande

Cottam, David - Birthday Cakewalk

Dodgson, Stephen - Advent Song; Beachcomber

Downs, Colin - Anna Magdalena's Dance; Fit Subject, A; Going for a Spin

Goss, Stephen - Aeolian Harp; Dunbar Drones; Lydian Waves; Roundabout Blue

Ivanovic, Vojislav - Climbing the Clock-Tower; Old Mill, The

Leclercq, Norbert - Fluo; Midi

Lindsey-Clark, Vincent - Circles in the Water; Cowboy in the Saddle; Dream Waltzing; Hopscotch

Susans, Christopher – Romanza; Sad Little Thought, A

Waters, Steve - Whirligig.

Tag: Grade 4 Guitar