Carmichael - Latin American Dances for alto saxophone + piano




John Carmichael's Latin American Dances for alto saxophone + piano accompaniment are a journey through dances native to Latin America: the Joropo is popular in Venezuela & Colombia, & stems from the Viennese waltz. The Habanera comes from Havana, and this particular one is obsessed with a little five-note figure initiated by the piano. Bahama Rhumba's lazy tune suggests the easy-going character of life in the Caribbean, while the Jongo is a dance brought to Brazil by the slave trade, danced collectively against an inexorable rhythmic beat. Latin American Dances was given its first performance by Kyle Horch & Pamela Lidiard at the Purcell Room on 9th February, 2005. Set for ABRSM Examination 2022 onwards Alto/Baritone Saxophone Grade 8 (List C: Habanera + Bahama Rhumba) + LTCL (complete).

Bahama Rhumba (Caribbean, The)

Habanera (Obsession)