Novello, Ivor - Songs - CD




The timeless songs of Welsh theatre composer Ivor Novello in new recordings from 1993 by soprano Marilyn Hill Smith, with the Chandos Concert Orchestra conducted by Stuart Barry + Gordon Langford (piano).

Dark Music [Arc de Triomphe]

Fairy Laughter

Finder, Please Return [Gay's the Word]

Fly Home, Little Heart [King's Rhapsody]

Glamorous Night & When the Gypsy played [Glamorous Night]

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Little Damozel, The

Look in My Heart [Valley of Song]

Love is my Reason [Perchance to Dream]

Music in May [Careless Rapture]

My Dearest Dear [Dancing Years, The]

On such a Night as this [Gay's the Word]

Primrose [Dancing Years, The]

Someday my heart will awake [King's Rhapsody]

Spring of the Year (1909)

Violin Began to Play, A [King's Rhapsody]

We'll Gather Lilacs [Perchance to Dream]

When I Curtsied to the King [Perchance to Dream]

Why is There Ever Goodbye? [Careless Rapture]