Britten - Folksong Arrangements vol.4




The fourth volume of Benjamin Britten's folksong arrangements - folksongs from Ireland - for high voice + piano accompaniment. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 6 (List C: How Sweet the answer)

At the mid hour of night (Molly, my dear) - Eb (eb'-g")

Avenging and bright - D (d'-f#")

Dear Harp of my country (Kate Tyrrel) - F (c'-g")

How Sweet the answer (Wren, The) - B (f#'-f#")

Last rose of Summer, The (Groves of Blarney) - Eb (eb'-ab")

Minstrel Boy, The (Moreen, The) - F# (c#'-f#")

O the sight entrancing (Planxty Sudley) - C (c'-g")

Oft in the stilly night - Ab (eb'-db")

Rich and rare (Summer is coming, The) - D (d'-f#")

Sail on, sail on (Humming of the Ban, The) - F (f'-f")