Britten - Folksong Arrangements vol.3




The third volume of Benjamin Britten's folksong arrangements for voice + piano accompaniment, available either in high or medium voice options (high voice key is given first in this list). Set for Trinity Examination 2018-21 Singing Grade 5 (Group B: Ploughboy, The) + LRSM (Mezzo/Contralto/Countertenor - O Waly, Waly: G + Tenor - Ploughboy, The: Bb )

Come you not from Newcastle (English) - F (d'-g") / D (b-e")

Foggy Foggy Dew, The (Suffolk) - Ab (eb'-eb") / G (d'-d")

Miller of Dee, The (English) - A minor (e'-e") /G minor (d'-d")

O Waly, Waly (Somerset, collected by Cecil Sharp) - A (e'-e") / G (d'-d")

Sweet Polly Oliver (English) - E (c#'-f#") / D (b-e")

There's None to Soothe (Scottish) - Db (db'-f") / Bb (bb-d")

Shield, W. arr. Britten - Ploughboy, The - Bb (c'-f") / G (a-d")