Britten - Folksong Arrangements vol.1




The first volume of Benjamin Britten's folksong arrangments for voice + piano accompaniment, available either in high or medium voice options (high voice key is given first in this list). Set for Trinity Examination 2018-22 Singing Grade 5 (Group B: Salley Gardens, The) + LRSM (Baritone/Bass - Salley Gardens, The: Db).

Ash Grove, The (Wales - Llwyn Onn) - Ab (db'-f") / F (bb-d")

Bonny Earl o' Moray, The (Scotland) - C minor (g'-g") / A minor (e'-e")

Little Sir William (Somerset) - F (f'-f") / D (d'-d")

O Can You Sew Cushions? (Scotland) - Ab (eb'-ab") / Eb (bb-eb")

Oliver Cromwell (Suffolk) - Eb (eb'-eb") / C (c'-c")

Salley Gardens, The (Ireland) - Gb (gb'-ab") / Db (db'-c")

Trees They Grow So High, The (Somerset) - A minor (c'-e") / G minor (bb-d")