Keyboard Anthology, A - Third Series - Book 1




This collection of 22 piano pieces from Baroque to Late Romantic periods edited by Howard Ferguson is suitable for Grade 1-2 standard players, & set for ABRSM Examination 2015 onwards Organ Grade 1 (manuals only) (List A: Wilton + List B: D'Indy).

Bach, C.P.E. - Allegro Wq.116/54

Bach, J.S. [attrib.] - Menuet in G BWVAnh.116 [Anna Magdalena Notebook]

Beethoven (attrib.) - Romance [Sonatina in G Anh.5 No.1]

Bertini - Study in D [25 Elementary Studies op.137: no.9]

Burgmuller - Le Candeur op.100 no.1

Clarke, Jeremiah - Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark's March, The / Rondo)

Clementi - Un Poco Adagio [6 Sonatinas op.36: no.3]

D'Indy - La Pernette

Duncombe, William - Giga [First Book of Progressive Lessons]

Gedicke - Little Piece op.6 no.6

Greene, Maurice - Air

Gurlitt - Study in A Minor [First Steps op.82: no.52]

Heller - Study in F op.47 no.11

Hook - Tempo di Minuetto [Guida di Musica op.37: no.2]

Kirnberger - Old German Lullaby [Musicalisches Allerley]

Kullak - Lullaby [Kinderleben op.62: no.5]

Le Couppey - Melody in F

Merkel – Merry Huntsman, The [Genre-Bilder op.31: no.2]

Mozart - Rondo in F K.15hh [London Notebook]

Purcell - Minuet Z.649 [2nd Part of Musick's Hand-Maid]

Schumann - Trallerliedchen (Humming Song) [Album for the Young op.68: no.3]

Tchaikovsky - Enterrement de la Poupee (Doll’s Funeral, The) [Album for the Young op.39: no.8]

Wilton, Charles Henry - Minuetto