Classical Music for Flute - Wastall, ed.




A collection of flute works from the classical era, ed. for B&H by Peter Wastall, for both flute + piano accompaniment & unaccompanied flute(s). c. Grade 3-5 level.

Bach, J.C. - Andantino [Quintet in D]

Beethoven – Minuetto + Trio [Sonata for two unaccompanied flutes]

Devienne - Adagio [Concerto no. 8]

Ebers - Adagio [Concertante no.1 for two unaccompanied flutes]

Grétry - Flute Air [Panurge]; Serenade [L'Amant jaloux]

Hook - Sonata in C, 1st mvt [6 Sonatas for flute + piano op.54]

Mozart - Two Dances [Les petits riens]; Waltz [6 German Dances KV600]

Stamitz, A - Rondo [Capriccio-Sonata for unaccompanied flute]

Tag: Flute Grade 4